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Ne pas faire de mal?

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People getting hurt?

Sometimes in families, kids or parents get hurt.

When people get really upset, they have a lot of feelings. It’s OK to have strong feelings, but it’s not OK to hurt people. That rule is the same for both kids and grown-ups.

If someone in your family is in DANGER of getting hurt

  • Call 9-1-1
    (if you can, go to another room or a neighbour’s place to call).
  • Don’t get in the middle or try to protect the person who is being hurt.
  • Stay away, and find a safe place in the house or at a neighbour’s.

If you are not feeling safe at home:

  • Tell someone—your teacher, school counsellor, doctor,
    or another grown-up that you trust, like the parent
    of a good friend.
  • Call the Help Line for Children, at 310-1234.